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Tiny Torque - Hand Forged 5.5" EDC Mini Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath

Tiny Torque - Hand Forged 5.5" EDC Mini Pocket Knife with Leather Sheath

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Introducing the "Tiny Torque" – a marvel of compact design that defies expectations in both form and function. This folding pocket knife, standing at a versatile 6 inches, seamlessly harmonizes robust durability with a touch of refinement. The 2.5-inch Damascus steel blade, adorned with a mesmerizing twist pattern, serves as a testament to meticulous precision and artistic craftsmanship, ensuring each cut is a statement in itself.


Knife Type Liner Lock Pocket Knife
Size 5.5"
Pattern Twist
Handle Material Bull Horn
Blade Size 2"
Handle Size 3.5"
Layers 512
Hardness 55-60 HRC

Fashioned with a handle meticulously crafted from genuine Bull Horn, each piece embodies a unique fusion of untamed elegance and practical utility. The 3.5-inch handle offers a comfortable and secure grip, bestowing you with precision and control in every use. 

The blade, a complex fusion of 512 hand-forged layers in a captivating twist pattern, tells a compelling story of dedication and artistry. The "Tiny Torque" transcends its role as a daily companion, transforming into a work of art in the palm of your hands.

With a hand-forged hardness ranging from 55 to 60 HRC, the "Tiny Torque" ensures enduring sharpness and resilience. Whether you're an outdoors enthusiast, a blade collector, or someone who appreciates the marriage of style and function, this pocket knife stands out as a true statement piece.

Carry a pocket-sized masterpiece that is more than a mere tool – it is an embodiment of style and precision. The "Tiny Torque" is ready to be your trusted companion, poised to handle any task with finesse. Elevate your everyday carry experience with this exceptional fusion of art and utility, allowing the "Tiny Torque" to transform ordinary moments into extraordinary ones.

Gift the "Tiny Torque" – beyond a pocket knife, it symbolizes enduring strength and refined taste, making it a perfect present for loved ones on various occasions. For a groom entering a new chapter, the "Tiny Torque" encapsulates the precision and resilience needed for life's adventures. Present it to your son or brother as a tangible expression of unwavering support and trust in their capabilities. Dads, the eternal protectors, will appreciate the blend of craftsmanship and practicality, serving as a reminder of the enduring bond you share. Celebrate anniversaries with this exquisite piece, embodying the enduring beauty of commitment. For sisters, it adds a touch of wild elegance; for moms, it's a token of appreciation for the strength and grace they bring to every challenge. The "Tiny Torque" transcends its functionality to become a cherished emblem of love and connection, making it the perfect gift for expressing sentiments on any special occasion.

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